BT Powered Pallet

Only £2,250 + VAT
Equipment Number 1604
Fuel Electric
Mast Type One Stage
Lift Height 190mm
Year 2002
Lifting Capacity 1800kg
Model: W18
Fork Length (mm): 1000
Fork Width (mm): 155
Wheels: 3
Tyre Type: Nylon
Extras: Isolator Switch, Keypad Pin Code
Cell Type / Battery Info: 24V 2 HPZB 150 Hoppecke
Battery Capacity (Amps): 150
Battery Voltage (Volts): 24
Built in charger: Yes
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LOLER certificate

If you operate a fork lift truck or telehandler, you have a legal obligation to ensure that it holds a valid Report of Thorough Examination. This is akin to an MOT certificate and applies whether you own, lease or hire the truck. Failing to comply could lead to prosecution, invalidation of your insurance or, worst of all, a serious accident due to faulty equipment.

The responsibility for obtaining this Report of Thorough Examination lies with you, the user of the truck (whether you own, lease or hire). The only exception may be for a truck operating under a short-term hire of less than a year, in which case the hiring company should provide you with a copy of the current report of Thorough Examination.

You must be able to produce a Report of Thorough Examination when required to do so by an HSE enforcement officer to comply with the following legislation.

LOLER 98 (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) - covers the lifting components.

PUWER 98 (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 - deals with all the other safety related items, such as brakes, steering and tyres.

Companies accredited by CFTS are obliged under their stringent procedural code of practice to provide:

  • Report of Thorough Examination complying fully with LOLER 98
  • Checklist specifying what has been checked and recording any comments made
  • Certificate to keep with the truck’s documents
  • Sticker, affixed to the truck, to show the month and year when the next Thorough Examination will be due
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Is your lift truck up to the mark?

For peace of mind, insist on seeing the distinctive CFTS certification mark on documents and trucks themselves…

It’s your guarantee that the truck – and the examiner – are up to scratch.

Only companies that are officially accredited to CFTS are allowed to use the distinctive “Kitemark” on literature, certification and reports – and to place the famous CFTS stickers on the trucks they inspect.

You can rest assured that any Report of Thorough Examination bearing the official CFTS mark has been carried out by an experienced, accredited examiner in accordance with stringent standards and quality procedures.

Likewise, the CFTS sticker on a forklift truck shows that it has received a genuinely Thorough Examination, satisfying both LOLER 98 and PUWER 98 regulations.

Without this mark, a truck, company or examiner may or may not meet safe, legal standards – crucially, there’s no way to tell.

And with hundreds of CFTS accredited companies from Inverness to Cornwall and Great Yarmouth to Pembrokeshire – not to mention Donegal to Waterford – there’s really no reason to take that risk.

No inspection sheet available


All our trucks strike the perfect balance between reliability and value for money. They are rigorously inspected and key parts replaced.

  • All functions are tested and defective parts replaced with new, genuine manufacturer’s parts
  • Any items beyond wear limits are replaced.
  • Re-painted in original colours with new safety decals.
  • Full manufacture service.
  • One month or 100-hour parts and labour warranty.
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